WA Tilth Association Structure

By Sally Lovell, March 2006

Washington Tilth Association has been granted a 501c3 status to accomplish the non-profit (tax exempt) mission “to provide support for and promotion of biologically sound and socially equitable agriculture”. Washington Tilth Association has been granted a group exemption, allowing WA Tilth Association to accomplish its mission through the work of its chapters. Washington Tilth Association does not currently have any centralized programs, funding, or staff. The volunteer Board of Directors of Washington Tilth Association simply meets once a year, usually hosted at one of the chapter locations. Each chapter provides two representatives for the Board of Directors of WA Tilth Assn.

WA Tilth is currently the fiscal sponsor of most of the chapters, except:
  • Seattle Tilth is another regional chapter of WA Tilth, but Seattle Tilth has their own independent 501c3 status and therefore does not rely on WA Tilth for their non-profit (tax exempt) standing.
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  • Tilth Producers – a statewide (not regional) chapter, also has their own 501c3 status and does not rely on Washington Tilth Association for its non-profit status.

    Each chapter of WA Tilth has its own by-laws, articles of incorporation, Board of Directors, membership, programs, bank accounts, and federal tax Employer Identification Number (EIN). If a fiscally sponsored chapter has over $25,000 of income, that chapter must file their own non-profit 990 report, using the group exemption number (GEN 8099). The treasurer of each fiscally sponsored chapter will receive a copy of the annual WA Tilth Assn. federal 990 filing.

    Each fiscally sponsored chapter is also required to provide:
  • Contact information of the two representatives and the chapter officers
  • Annual dues payment to cover organizational overhead costs
  • Annual financial reports to WA Tilth Assn.
  • Annual reports of chapter accomplishments
  • Timely notice when applying for grants, and
  • Grant checks should be made payable to WA Tilth Association. In turn, the WA Tilth Assn. treasurer will promptly ensure the chapter gets the money (less a fiscal agent fee).

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